What to Expect When you Visit Pandora- The World of Avatar


Invited guest preview

I was one of the lucky Disney Annual Passholders who was able to book a spot for a Pandora Preview.

The pictures don’t do it justice. There’s no way for you to understand the beauty of Pandora –The World of Avatar without stepping foot inside. Once your feet stop on the bioluminescent walkway you are taken to a different world.

One you’ve never been in before.

Totems, artifacts, and cuisine of the Na’vi culture surround you. You’ll hear the sounds of the forest and even smell new smells.

Valley of Mo’ara:

Guests have watched the floating mountains being created, and now we can hike up the ramps to get a closer look. Glowing plant life, water features, and a native drum circle have your eyes looking all over the Valley of Mo’ara.

You’ll truly feel like you aren’t on earth anymore.

We spotted Wilderness Explorers who had challenges and badges to collect, but we were too busy to stop to check them out. They felt out of place, to be honest.

Hang on to your electronics because some features spray you!


You’ll want to take a million pictures because you won’t believe your eyes.

In Pandora you will find something for adventurers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, however, that’s tricky.

There are two attractions: Avatar Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey.

Avatar Flight of Passage:
You can only see this guy in the stand-by queue


We were handed a paper FastPass with a 15-minute return time for Avatar Flight of Passage.

I’m going to be completely honest with you.

I was totally afraid of the winged mountain banshees!

Absolutely terrified.

Like monsters under your bed scared.

Not because of how they look, they are beautiful creatures, but because of their size.

I‘m a Pooh sized Princess.

I asked everyone I saw. Guests in front of me were worried too.

There wasn’t a testing chair yet. The manufacturers’ have made the ride vehicles and set the restrictions. I understand safety first. But let’s face it we aren’t one size. If you’re tall or have big calves, you may not fit. My toes just reached the ground.

My heart was pounding.

I was determined to fit.

They could squish me into the bicycle type seat; I was willing to be humiliated in front of 15 other guests in my pod group.

The seats are hard to see in the dark but they have one outside now


Warning Number 1:

The loading takes a L_O_N_G time.

Be patient! It’s worth it.

I fit with no problem! I was almost the last one to be checked but the backrest came up without an issue.


Warning number 2:

If you’ve ever been sick to your stomach on a bumpy airplane, cruise with choppy water, or a winding road trip, you know about motion sickness. Motion sickness is sometimes called airsickness, seasickness, or carsickness, and I call this Mountain Banshee sickness! And I had it. I was not going to be That Guest who caused a protein spill but I came close.

Really close!

I looked to my right and saw my bonus son tearing up, ok full on crying and I tried to ignore how I felt.

You soar, rock, dip, and glide a bit like Soaring Around the World in Epcot, and Star Tours in Hollywood Studios. I got a little sick but the smells and water of this 3-d experience is like nothing you have done before so I will do it again.

Warning number 3:

The area is full of stairs. The walkways in the queues are wide but we came across a lot of stairs. We went down three flights after Flight of Passage. Make sure you tell a Castmember Host at the front of the Queue and again inside.

Warning number 4:

If you’re a dress-wearing princess like me, wear shorts or leggings underneath! You are climbing on a bike-like ride vehicle. And remember, “ Princesses don’t slide!”


Na’vi River Journey
Journey deep into a bioluminescent rainforest in search of the Na’vi Shaman of Songs PC Steven Madow


I was looking forward to this family- friendly attraction that Pooh sized Princesses didn’t have to worry about having the air squeezed out of them to enjoy.

It’s a bit of a cross between Gran Fiesta Tour and your imagination. This slow moving boat takes you right into the film. The audio-animatronics and projected images will have you captivated!

You can spot Photopass photographers
Photopass photographers weren’t sure what to suggest for poses.


 To help you remember your passage into Pandora—The World of Avatar, look for Disney PhotoPass Photographers. They can be found at several locations with tripods and cameras.

Moss walls everyplace!

Pandora is photo ready and Disney knows that fans love a good Disney Wall! There is the famous Purple Wall in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom Park, The Bubblegum Wall at Spaceship Earth in Epcot and now walls covered in Moss! Around the land, you will find botanical art that looks like a living wall.


Do you want to get the moss wall look in your home? Look here for ideas


Pandora- the World of Avatar is beautiful, everyplace you look can be photographed and put on Instagram! Even the food is picture worthy.

What do visitors eat in Pandora?
The Night Blossom in a Souvenir Mug with Glowing Unadelta Seed I love popping boba balls and they piled them on for me.


Pongu Pongu means “Party Party” in the language of the Na’vi, and we were ready for that! We shared some of the lumpia and we each got a drink. I am a sucker for Disney’s glowing trinkets and a souvenir cup.The glowing Unadelta Seed is a little odd but it added to my growing glowing collection.

The Night Blossom is a mixture of limeade with apple and desert pear flavors topped with passion fruit boba balls.

Satu’li Canteen is beautiful. We didn’t have time for a full meal but friends did! You can find a full menu here


Friends got to try a lot of things. I go right for the fun desserts!
Shopping in Pandora:

We breezed through the Windtraders gift shop for fear of running out of time and money!

I have friends who work in this area and I have seen many trinkets for every collector.

I love useful items like Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) apparel and backpacks.

Na’vi cultural artifacts, science kits, and banchee will make great take home mementos.

Get the Pandora look:

Remember there are dress codes in Walt Disney World. I suggest doing a Disney Bound versus Cosplay.

If you want to Disney Bound, I have a few suggestions. The natural world of Pandora is a beautiful canvas for fashion. Colors of Mo’ara are rich with neutrals and gem tones.

There are rope and floral weavings throughout the new land. Use these as inspiration for jewelry like a necklace or bracelets. Hemp will work really well.

I made Mouse Ears for the Moss Wall. That’s right, I dressed up like a wall.

Look for clothes that have Pandoran markings.

Colors of Mo’ara

Face Paint is available for a fee at Colors of Mo’ara, located by the restrooms. Cast Members have designs inspired by the Na’vi. You and your little Avatar fan will look awesome!

Prices start at $15.

We spent almost 4 hours there but when it opens you will need much more time because of crowds that are expected. They have extended hours and you can get FastPasses to spend time in the faraway moon of bioluminescent forest and winged mountain banshees.

They didn’t turn the lights on because they are saving that for opening day. I was sad but some of the lights were on the drums and you can see how amazing it will be. The walkway is full of bioluminescent paint splattered all over.

Are you planning an adventure to Pandora—The World of Avatar?

There’s so much to explore in this mystical world of massive floating mountains, exotic plants and creatures and breathtaking new experiences.

Take your time in the Valley of Mo’ara. The land is an adventure unto itself so plan a lot a time to discover it.

Like great works of art, Pandora leaves you feeling privileged to have experienced it and eager to re-enter its beautiful world again very soon.

Guests will celebrate the power of nature, and be taken 4.4 light years away. Do you need to watch the movie Avatar? No, but it will help. I was glad I had a personal guide helping me as we joined Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) for the unforgettable experience.

Anthony my Pandora guide

One- day tickets to Disney’s Animal Kingdom start at $99

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The license plate on Lori’s “Minnie” van is BUSYMOM- Lori is a true girly-girl and a busy stay at home mom with three amazing sons currently living in Chandler, Arizona. She is a Disney aficionado and card carrying annual pass holder who loves showing her Disney side. You can find her on the go and continually scheduling Disney trips, writing, volunteering at Give Kids the World and running a non-profit.
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The license plate on Lori’s “Minnie” van is BUSYMOM- Lori is a true girly-girl and a busy stay at home mom with three amazing sons currently living in Chandler, Arizona. She is a Disney aficionado and card carrying annual pass holder who loves showing her Disney side. You can find her on the go and continually scheduling Disney trips, writing, volunteering at Give Kids the World and running a non-profit.