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Review and giveaway

Grand Marceline Coffee


We would like to congratulate our give away winners:

Bob Gurr signed bag – Heather Lawson

Regular bag – Noreen Rachuba

Please contact us at to claim your prizes.

Let me start with the statement that I am in no way a professional coffee taster. I know what I like and in the case of Grand Marceline coffee, I really like this. I first had the coffee from the Grand Marceline Company at the D23 Expo in 2015. I loved it at my first taste and bought two bags. When I saw they were back at the Expo in 2017 I had to get more.

A Little History

Prior to the invention of the roasting machine, people would roast coffee on the stove or in the oven at home. In the mid-1800s the industrial coffee roaster was developed. Using a rotating drum over a fire heat source these roasters often allowed the flame to actually touch the beans. Modern coffee roasters use heat to indirectly roast the beans to the desired roast. Fire roasters allow the flames to actually come in contact with the beans giving them a wholly different flavor than a modern roaster can achieve. There are very few fire roasters still in use today.

Grand Marceline Coffee

Thankfully the founders of the Grand Marceline Company found that they preferred the flavor of a fire roasted coffee bean. Using an antique Royal coffee roaster the Grand Marceline Company brings history alive in your morning cup of coffee.

Located in Marceline, Missouri, Walt Disney’s Boyhood Home and the inspiration of Main Street USA in Disneyland, the Grand Marceline Company brings magic and nostalgia to your door with their coffee and cocoa.

Coffee Review

We are actually going to do separate reviews for the coffee and the cocoa.

The bag I taste-tested was a bag of whole bean coffee that I ground to a medium grind for a drip coffee machine. I brewed the coffee using the pour over method and drank it black. The first thing that hits you as you open the coffee is the smell. I get notes of warm chocolate and caramel.

The smell of the brewed coffee is slightly burnt smokey and roasted chocolate.

The coffee is delicious. Seriously, you have not had coffee like this. It is not acidic or bitter and it has a really nice full body. It tastes chocolatey and bright on my tongue. Even as I write this and the coffee in my cup has grown cold it is still bright and tasty and I really hate cold coffee. This coffee will mix wonderfully with cream and sugar making a nice morning warmer on a cold day.

Grand Mareline Coffee

This coffee will also mix really well with their cocoa. Back when I served on a Coast Guard buoy tender in 1999 we used to take a cup of coffee and mix it with a packet of hot cocoa mix. This “Acacia Mocha” helped get me through some long midnight/early morning watches and cold wet days of work. Even now 18-years later I still will randomly mix up one of these mochas as a reminder of those days. Mixing these two products together is magical.

Where to find it

If you didn’t make it to a D23 expo, can’t wait till the next one, or can’t get to Marceline I have good news for you. You can get this wonderful coffee delivered right to your door from Walt Disney’s boyhood hometown.

You can order it online at An 8oz bag will run you $13.00 plus shipping or you can join the coffee club and get it auto shipped for $28.30 for two bags.

As a plus a portion of the proceeds from sales go to the restoration of the Uptown Theater in Marceline. This is the theater where Walt premiered “The Great Locomotive Chase” in 1956.

Good news

Thanks to Joseph at the Grand Marceline Company we have one last way for you to get this amazing coffee. The fine folks at the Grand Marceline Company have given us a couple of bags to give away.

In honor of the Grand Marceline Company, the inspiration of Marceline on Main Street USA, and the final showing of The Main Street Electrical Parade this weekend we are going to do TWO giveaways! The first place winner will get a limited edition D23 exclusive Bob Gurr signed bag of coffee and a Wonderground Gallery Main Street Electrical Parade mug. The second place winner will get a regular bag of coffee and a Wonderground Gallery Main Street Electrical Parade mug.

Two winners will be randomly chosen. The first name chosen will receive the Bob Gurr autographed bag, and the second will receive the regular bag and a mug.

Winners will be chosen no later than 48 hours after the contest has closed and announced on our blog and Facebook page. Winners will have 48 hours to contact us with their mailing address. If the winners have not done so a new name will be drawn.

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Fine Print

This review was for product purchased by me at the D23 2017 Expo however we consider this post sponsored by the Grand Marceline Company. Though the product was given to us by the Grand Marceline Company for this review we chose to give away some of the products we were given. The views expressed in this review are my own and have not been influenced by the receipt of free products.


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