LEGO Ninjago Minifigure Feel Guide

LEGO Ninjago Minifigure collection is now on sale! You should be able to find them at your local Wal-Mart, Target, LEGO store or toy store. They are getting easier to spot by the box but you may have to ask someone to please go see if they have them like I did. If you can’t find them in a “brick” and mortar store (no pun intended) they have them online but you won’t be able to feel for the ones you’re looking for. These Ninjago Movie minifigures sell for around $4 each.


Tip 1 Have the list with you at the store. Pull it up on your phone or print it out, but it’s hard to see the accessories on the bags.

Tip 2 Practice at home with your eyes closed. Get good at feeling torsos, heads and legs so you don’t waist time because all CMF (Collectable Minifigures) come with those pieces.

Tip 3 Don’t mix up the characters you need with the duplicates. After feeling a package either place it in the back of the box, to the side, or in your shopping cart. Maybe write which ones you found. It’s easy to forget when you’re hunting for a bunch at a time.

Tip 4 Remember your LEGO VIP card to get points or discounts if you’re buying at a LEGOLAND Discovery Center or LEGO store.

Tips 5 Bring a helper. It makes the hunt more fun!


Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag, with one or more accessories, a standard black display plate, and a collector’s leaflet. This 20-minifigure series will have 3 complete sets in each sealed box. What could be hiding inside those blister packs? Each Minifigure has some tips to help.

Here is my “Feel Guide”

Kai is the Red Ninja is voiced by Michael Peña

#1 Kai Kendo

Kai in a Kendo outfit with armor, helmet and a pair of wooden swords. I felt for his two training sticks, the armor, and two head accessories. Garmadon has the same stick piece so double check by the other pieces likes the mask or hair. The mask has ridges on it so it feels different than Lloyd’s hoodie.

Nya is the Water Ninja. (voiced by Abbi Jacobson)

#2 Spinjitzu Training Nya

The dual swords are unique and are a dead giveaway. There is a new sword mold for Ninja Lloyd, but Nya has two of the traditional katanas/bokken pieces.


Dave Franco voices the green ninja Lloyd

#3 Lloyd (Ninja)

Lloyd is the main character in the movie, so I guessed we would see him in street clothes as well as a ninja outfit. There are a lot of easy to feel pieces in his bag. The 2×3 tile is the simplest thing to find than the neck guard since smaller pieces separate easily. I feel the little pieces first like the tassel for the sword with a chain link. The 2×3 tile piece some times gets confused with the display plate all LEGO CMF have. Lloyd’s hair is awesome! I’m really glad that this comes with his hair. He looks like the Lego Minifigures Series 17 Professional Surfer dude with a trim! Beware of confusing the sword with Nya’s or the top of the mask with the Sushi Chef’s bald head piece.


Master Wu is voiced by Jackie Chen

#4 Master Wu

Jackie Chan voices Master Wu. The Corn Flakes cereal box was the immediately identifiable piece. It’s a 2×3 brick so bigger than a tile. This was a figure I was searching for and I thought the hat would be the first thing to feel out. Instead, it was the brick. Garmadon’s hat is also circular but Master Wu’s hat comes to a point more. After you find either the hat or the box check for the other.


Garmadon is Lloyd’s father and is voiced by Justin Theroux

#5 Garmadon

There are three different ones in this series. If you watch the movie trailer you can see a little more about him. I think he’s like Zurg or Darth Vader.

How do you find this CMF? Go with the hat. Master Wu also has a large round hat, but the Garmadon’s rounded shape hat is a giveaway. You’ll also find the blade of the weapon and the long stick. Some other figures have similar stick pieces that might slow you down. Kai has the same blade so feel for all of the big pieces like two torsos and the hat. I know that a lot of collectors and fans will love these but I am more of a cute LEGO lover.


#6 Jay Walker

Kumail Nanjiani voices the Blue Ninja, Jay. He has a selfie stick. I won’t be taking that into a Disney Park!

There is a 1×2 tile and the stick. The stick isn’t as long as others. Master Wu has a 1×2 tile, but he has a lot of other pieces so you won’t mix them up. He has a scarf and a 1×1 tile with a clip, an odd little piece, and his phone.


the hood is a separate piece

#7 Lloyd

Feeling the bowl and spoon might cause confusion. Not feeling the second torso will make sure that it isn’t the pajama-wearing Volcano Garmadon figure. You will feel his hoodie piece. It’s smooth but a bit rough around the edges.


Fred Armisen voices Cole


#8 Cole

  Just like Misako, it’s down to the hair or the accessory. Pick the Boombox. It’s 1×3 brick with a handle in the middle. It may feel like Misako’s purse but feel the studs on top of the boombox to avoid confusion. The boombox accessory has an iPod attached to it and it is a cool piece to add to other CMF.


These may feel the same in a mystery blind bag


Voiced by Olivia Munn, Koko is Lloyds mother.

#9 Misako

One word for helping in your search…Handbag.

Be cautious not to confuse it with Cole’s boombox. The handbag has no studs on top and is rounded compared to the boombox.You can also feel her hair. It has chopsticks in it. Awesome!


#10 Zane

Zach Woods voices Zane. I really want this fun hiker sweater wearing Zane. It comes down to finding the backpack because that is the only accessory. I think it’s the same backpack mold they used for my favorite traveling hiker from LEGO series 16.

His hair piece is a bit tricky so hunt the backpack, then feel for the hair.


#11 Shark Army General #1 (Fish Lady)

I definitely found the beverage before the hair piece. It’s unmistakable with the rounded top and pointy feeling straw. Her cape is shaped like a fish’s fins but it gets lost in the package easily.


#12 Shark Army Octopus

All of the shark army guys have big helmets. The stud shooter and its two studs are the pieces to find but that’s not all. It’s hard to see in the printed list sheet, but the figure has armor with a single tank in the back. I think it’s the same as the Angler CMF.


Build your Ninjago army when you add this guy

#13 Shark Army Angler

Shark Army Angler bad guy has a squishy angler fish helmet. He comes with a fish spiked mace too so feel for a spiky squishy ball shape.

The fish piece is in a few so feel the bar/stick and helmet to confirm.


the flame may be hard to feel. Find his hard helmet piece

#14 Shark Army Great White

Somehow I ended up with two of these guys. But to have an army you may want more than one CMF. Remember 3 of them have fish, which was usually the first thing I identified. The backpack/armor with scuba twin tanks was the easy feel.

The printed sheet doesn’t show that the Great White’s backpack/armor has two tanks versus the single tank on the Octopus and Angler figures. I thought the headwear would have been easier than it actually is. His helmet isn’t squishy like the others. It’s hard plastic. The fire may get lost in seams.


Dave Franco is the voice of Garmadon

#15 Flashback Garmadon

His clothes are groovy. Look at the tie and collar on his shirt but you won’t feel it. Again you will feel two torso pieces but I find that harder than it should be. The 2×2 tile piece is the easiest for me to feel. Ninja Lloyd has a tile piece, but it’s rectangular and this one is square. The camera is a little box with a handle and stud. You may find the stud that’s used as the camera lens in one of the package corners

If you have a LEGO camera at home practice feeling it because there is usually a camera in every series of LEGO CMF.


#16 Volcano Garmadon

I quickly found the bowl and spoon and then found the helmet head piece to confirm that it wasn’t Lloyd with the hoodie. His hat is odd shaped and like the other Garmadon, he has two torsos. Again I thought the two torsos would make them super easy to find, but they really aren’t.


#17 Gong and Guitar Rocker

The hair is fairly distinctive in shape but the guitar obviously holds the key to finding this one. Feel the long neck and hollow back of the base.


Her clothes are great but feel for her mug
With this view you can see her hair is long and braided










#18 GPL Tech

She is an awesome figure. She has a Batman symbol on her torso to reference The LEGO Batman Movie. Try to feel the mug with this CMF. It’s a common piece and it’s unmistakable. Find the handle to know it’s not the cylinder piece from the Sushi Chef. Her laptop piece was not easy for me to make out. Her hair feels like a disk but I was surprised when I found her that her hair isn’t just a short disk. She was a braid and it curves in the back. When I finally found her I was surprised so now you know!


You may want to hunt for more than one sushi chef

#19 Sushi Chef

The Sushi Chef comes with a cleaver, sushi tile and a bald headpiece with a headband. The cylinder sushi roll and clever pieces are easy in confirming the figure. There are separate pieces of sushi (1×1 tiles), which could feel like a camera lens so keep feeling! Ninja Lloyd’s mask piece feels the same so use caution. I knew I wanted to find a few chefs. One chef isn’t as much fun to photograph.

I love her colorful street fashion like Harujuku in Japan.

#20 N-POP Girl

I couldn’t find her on my first try so I knew I needed a fresh box to feel. I think she will be a fan favorite. I know she is mine and I hope she has a fun role in the movie. Even if it’s a small role she is adorbs! She has so much going for her.

Soooo cute! I used the hair piece to hunt for her. Her two pig tails are large enough to make it distinctive. I think it’s the same mold as Harley’s in the Lego Batman CMF series. The ruffled tutu piece was also easy to recognize. The teddy bear is small so hunt in the seams but you should be able to find the hair without mistaking her for a different figure.


Hope this helps those of you who are seeking particular figures.

I like the traditional series better than the movie ones and I love the Disney Minifigure series. But until the series 18 and another set of Disney ones comes out here is my “Feel Guide.” Combine these minifigures with LEGO building sets for never-ending play possibilities or take pictures like I do.

The excitement continues as LEGO Ninjago the movie is set to come out in theaters September 22nd


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The license plate on Lori’s “Minnie” van is BUSYMOM- Lori is a true girly-girl and a busy stay at home mom with three amazing sons currently living in Chandler, Arizona. She is a Disney aficionado and card carrying annual pass holder who loves showing her Disney side. You can find her on the go and continually scheduling Disney trips, writing, volunteering at Give Kids the World and running a non-profit.